The intended post about last Tuesday’s Ann Arbor Backyard Beekeepers meeting is not yet ready for publication and now there is last Sunday’s meeting of the Southeast Michigan Beekeeper Association to write about. While awaiting those more substantial posts here is a quick filler.

DandelionOur dandelions are finally blooming. Cursed by devotees of manicured lawns, “Honey Plants of North America” by John H. Lovell says they are ‘a better honey plant than is commonly supposed.’ Other things we learn from this book: In Ontario and Quebec it produces more spring  honey than any other plant while in Ohio it is always valuable for pollen but may yield little nectar. The honey has a strong (some would say rank) taste but improves with age. It also granulates easily and so would not be good winter fodder for bees but it is gathered early and gone by autumn so this is not really a problem.