The original plan was to lead the unfortunate reader step by step through our decision-making to our conclusions about what sort of hive to use, what its dimensions ought to be, and so on. Well, we did not do that (usual lament about the difficulty of blogging frequently and well) and we were running out of time to have a hive ready for this season. So we commissioned a Tanzanian top-bar hive from Steller Apiaries. Perhaps we will lead the unfortunate reader step by step after the fact to this decision.

We picked up the hive last Saturday and it is a beauty. Pictures coming. Keith had said “just let me know all the specifics you desire and I will be your hands.” Well our hands are not so skilled as to produce what we got and our wish list included some problem-solving so he also filled in for our brains. In addition he spent about an hour with us discussing management of top-bar hives, beekeeping in general, and answering our newbie questions. A great hive and great customer service. Thank you, Steller Apiaries.