What do people without hobbies do for fretting?

  • As per our plan we gave them a new full bottle of syrup today even though the old one was still about a third full. Are they not feeding heavily from the syrup because they are finding adequate nectar? Or are the holes in the jar lid too small and not flowing without the pressure of a full jar?
  • They seemed just a wee bit irritable with our intrusion today. Is that a good sign that they now feel they have a home to defend? Or is there a problem we should address?
  • Peeking through the observation window we still see the cluster where it was. Is the queen in there or did they kill her after all?
  • We are unable to see what, if anything, they are building in that mass of bees. Are they building cross-comb? It is too early to open up for a look.
  • The comb thrown on the floor has yet to be noticeably recycled. Oh, no! Are they queenless and devoid of purpose?
  • Pressing an ear to the hive one can hear a steady hum. A hum of contentment? But it is not a loud hum. Well, there aren’t really many bees after all. Maybe it is loud enough?

Sigh. The bees will probably survive the next week much better than the beekeepers.