Day Four: With the off-and-on stormy weather we gave the girls a break and did not peek through the observation window although we did spend a few sunny minutes on a bench we had moved nearby to watch them come and go. The bench is to one side of the hive so we can see the entrances without being in their flight path.

Day Five: The level of syrup is down but otherwise things look about the same. At least there is steady traffic coming and going. We set up a camera to take a few minutes of video. As fascinating as we find it, much longer would surely bore the reader.

Notice the one parked in the right entrance, bottom-outwards and fanning away. We saw a few bees returning with saddlebags full of pollen but were unable to catch one on camera. Someday we will work out how to take pictures from the observation window without glare and with adequate light.

Day Six: Even more stormy weather and rain with no sunny periods today. All the bees will be home and grumpy making it best to leave a hive alone on days like this. And so we did.