We will be getting a nuc (nucleus hive) from a local source in a few days and combining it with the survivors of our package. Since we dimensioned our top-bar hive to be compatible with Langstroth deep frames we ought to be able to simply transfer the frames from the nuc box to our hive. The frame tops are open to allow traffic to an upper hive body, nonexistent for us, but we can rig some sort of covering layer. Then there is the matter of keeping the two groups of bees apart until they get used to each other. For that we will perform a version of a ‘paper combine’. A follower board with a very large hole that is covered with a layer of newspaper is placed between the two groups. By the time the bees from both sides chew through the paper they will be accepting of each other’s scent and the scent of the queen will dominate all.

The doom is lifted.