Day 60 In the ten days since we last intruded on the girls they have drained their jar of syrup so we gave them another 700 ml today. The view through the observation window still shows little or no change. We are desperately hoping for a surge in population and food stores before the winter.

Meanwhile we have finally been seeing a few honeybees at work in the plantings near our house:

  • Cup plants. Apparently a source of bright orange pollen. No idea what its honey would be like.

  • Goldenrod. Just beginning to bloom hereabouts. Not a very desirable honey for human consumption but good for getting bees through winter.

  • Buckwheat. Should heavily perfume the air once more of it blooms. Makes a very dark flavorful honey, which some humans inexplicably do not like.

Of course, we need some reason to fret so we must observe that we can not say with certainty these bees are ours.