Day 74 The day is too cold and windy to open the hive for long but a quick lift of the one end of the roof allowed a peek to determine that we should replace the syrup jar again.

A look through the observation window was more disturbing. Two yellow jackets were inside the hive. These pests will eat the bees as well as their honey. A thriving hive ought to repel the invaders or ball and bake them. Our bees largely went about their business. If that business led them to a yellow jacket (who seemed mostly interested in trying to fly out the window) they would aggressively smash into it, knocking it down but there was no coordinated defense.

Sadly there is nearly nothing we can do to help.


Later that day we quickly swapped syrup jars for a fresh 700 ml. We also plugged up two of the entrances leaving just the one open. This will do nothing about any yellow jackets already inside but will make the hive easier to defend against any more trying to enter.