We are once again beekeepers!

Our good intentions had been to finish the series of posts describing our first hive and follow it with a series documenting the construction of our second. As usual the rest of life did not leave us enough time, energy, and headspace with the result that the last few days have been spent in a cloud of sawdust hurrying to make the second hive suitable for occupation before the bees arrived. In this we were successful and yesterday we enthroned a queen in each hive with an attendant four and a half pounds of bees each.

That’s the new hive, Beatrix, to the left of our first hive, now called Annabelle. Having anticipated racing to make a deadline we made Beatrix out of cedar to avoid having to deal with painting or more precisely with paint drying in time. Even so we still owe her a proper roof so for now she sports the traditional plywood sheet held down by rocks.

With best intentions we will post more details once we catch our breath but for now we have bees again. Let the joyful fretting commence!