As we went visiting the hives last Saturday we spotted yellow jackets busily coming and going from a hole in the ground about thirty feet from the hives. In our pre-beekeeping days we would have simply blasted away with insecticide. Now we are much more reluctant to employ such chemicals, particularly so close to the hives. But neither could we simply leave the nest alone, particularly so close to the hives. We recall the attacks of yesteryear. What to do? We lingered pondering for too long and collected several yellow jacket stings between us. That confirmed our conviction to do something even if it made that thing no clearer. But by next morning it was moot. The hole had been replaced by a small crater and only a pair of yellow jackets were left circling in confusion. Something had dug up the nest and probably feasted on the inhabitants. Perhaps the wee skunk we saw a little while ago?

In other happy news we have finally received a measurable if insufficient amount of rain, three quarters of an inch one day and another half inch yesterday. With more frequent occurrences we shall have nectar in the goldenrod after all.