Our friendly beek across the pond, Emily, did a post about the more unusual search terms that have led people to her blog in the last year. The idea and post so delighted us that we are here doing likewise.

We begin with a few general observations.

  • Boardman FeederAbout 17% of the searches are about Boardman feeders and our post discussing them remains our most popular one. Would that it were something like our paean to the linden with cultural film reference but, no. Boardman feeders, Boardman feeders, and more wretched Boardman feeders.

  • In second place, about 8% of the searches (not even half that of Boardman feeder searches!) are queries for Tanzanian top-bar hives. We unfortunately disappointed those seeking building instructions but we intend to construct two more this season and with luck will better document that process.

  • More querents search by image than by text. We find this surprising when so few questions would appear to be satisfied with a mere picture. Is useful text more likely to accompany a picture than the other way around? Is text without a picture beneath consideration? O tempora! O mores!

  • Our querents are unusually diligent. It is not often that our posts are among the first returned search results whether by text or image.

  • The overwhelming majority of the searches are somehow beekeeping related but, as we shall see, there are those few that were understandably misdirected and those even fewer oddities that were simply dispatched to any handy website by a desperate search engine.

And now the search terms. Where possible we have included a thumbnail of one of the results returned by image search of our blog.

how to use wingnuts – 5 views

HiveStand-03-Wingnut-Closeup 255The same way one uses other nuts but with fingers rather than pliers or wrench. The usual righty-tighty-lefty-loosey.

how to screw plexiglass together – 3 views

WindowCornerDetailPlexiglass to plexiglass? Some sort of solvent glue is usually used rather than screws.

what is rectangular slotted box that fits on waistband used for – 4 views

Boardman FeederFor perplexing bee bloggers? What could such a thing be? A sporran that makes toast? Here, have a Boardman feeder.

twenty thousand bees – 4 views

hivepopulationA follow-up to ’99 Luftballons’?

yellowjacket vac – 3 views

A brand of vacuum pump which we did not mention or a
vacuum for sucking up yellow jackets which we did.

rectangular horizontal photos – 3 views

Boardman FeederThis seems overly vague even for a photography site, which this blog is not in spite of having pictures, mostly of Boardman feeders.

eave vent mesh screening – 2 views

ScreenedVentHoleClose. We were ventilating an attic of sorts but at the gables not the eaves and it was in a bee hive not a house for humans.

diy deer feeder – 2 views

BeatrixAndTheTurkeyWe feed bees when we must but the deer are on their own.

OK. We feed some birds as well but the visiting wild turkeys, like the deer, are on their own. And nothing is welcome to snack on our bees.

machine to extract pollen from the comb – 2 views

Boardman FeederOh no! The dread Boardman feeder again. Our most popular returned image no matter what the search terms.

Actually this querent seems to have confused honey extractors with pollen collectors that work at the hive entrance before the forager has a chance to store the pollen in comb.

contaminated postal package – 2 views

Package 017This box is infested with honeybees!

So get them into a hive, ya numpty.

rigid saddlebags wooden – 2 views

Bees carrying pollen can look as if they have saddlebags but this appears to be a motorcycle-related question. That beehive hum must be the girls revving their wee Harleys.

boric+acid+lemon+juice+honey+ascorbic+acid – 1 view

Trying to find a particular recipe? The boric acid suggests small hive beetle bait but the rest of the ingredients seem like bee fodder. If this is for bees I would definitely skip the boric acid. If this is for humans I would again skip the boric acid but add a little dark rum.

крокус – 1 view

Spring2012CrocusNothing funny about this search but it is memorable for being in Cyrillic. The word translates to “crocus” and appears in one post about a bee feeding on a crocus.

do mushrooms eat bees – 1 view

No. There is no fungal analogue to a venus flytrap or pitcher plant or their like.

do bees eat mushrooms – 1 view

Why, yes, they do! At least they eat the mycelium and we wrote about it.