Fellow blogger My Latin Notebook had a recent post mentioning that famous medieval song Sumer is Icumen In. Reminded thus of Ezra Pound’s winter-damning parody and with the swarms of June still on our minds, we were inspired to commit poetastry with mischief aforethought and pen our own version for the frantic and dismayed apiarist. We now inflict it upon our gentle readers.

Swarming is a happening
Loud yell Uh Oh!
Swirling cloud and buzzing loud
Whither shall they go?
Yell Uh Oh.

Unreachable they cluster
While I fret below.
Shun trap-hive and fly on by
I’ve lost them now, Uh Oh.

Uh oh, uh oh.
And off they go
To neighbors fright, uh-oh.

Rest easy. Our repertoire is too meagre for threat of an encore.

We later noticed that this is our one hundredth published post. Break out the mead.