This was such fun last January that once again we examine the search terms that led readers to our blog in the previous year and present the more unusual or, at least, the ones about which we can crack wise. But first the general observations.

  • Boardman FeederDisappointingly once again the most frequent searches at 18% are about Boardman feeders and our post discussing them remains our most popular one.

  • The second most frequent searches this year at 7% (again less than half that of Boardman feeder searches!) are queries about honey extraction. Naturally enough we saw no such queries in 2012 since we had not yet extracted any honey about which to blog.

  • Bumped to third place, about 3% of the searches are queries for Tanzanian top-bar hives. Last year they made up 8% of the searches. This decline is surely due to the greater number of people interested in honey extraction (and the now available post) than in building Tanzanian hives. Nevertheless it reminds us that we still have not written any posts on their construction.

  • Different from last year, text searches were performed about three times as often as image searches.

  • Our querents continue to be unusually diligent, paging through search engine results to touch our blog.

And now the search terms. Where possible we have included a thumbnail of one of the results returned by image search of our blog.

should the gabled roof on my top bar beehive fit – 5 views

RoofInTheFlashAt first this sounds rather akin to “should my trousers fit?” Yes and why would one think not?

Possibly the querent was concerned about the snugness of the fit? In that case, a tight fit is not required and a loose fit would have better ventilation.

is it from bees or is it from a factory – 1 view

Our First Jar of Honey

Our First Jar of Honey, 4 oz.

Are we talking about honey? Bees. Definitely bees.

what do we need in the honey factory – 2 views

Coordination of Nectar Gathering and Receiving

Coordination of Nectar Gathering and Receiving

Ummm. Bees?

Perhaps the intention was to find the requirements for a honey house where extraction takes place?

spring crocus painting – 2 views

Spring2012CrocusIs crocus painting like lily gilding? We prefer to enjoy the natural color of the crocus.

bees poop honey – 1 views

Bee poop on a warm winter day

Bee poop on a warm winter day

No, they do not. In some sense they may be said to puke honey. At least they regurgitate the gathered nectar plus enzymes into cells where it will become honey.

do yellow jackets defecate 1 view

Yes. Everyone poops.

dogsbane bees – 1 view

Honeybee in dogsbaneNothing that unusual about these terms but it gives us an excuse to include a rather nice picture of a honeybee in dogsbane. The dogsbane is ours but not the bee since we took this picture years before trying to keep any bees of our own.

rubbing alcohol and carpenter bees – 1 view

carpenterBeeHoleIt will never be our favorite cocktail.

We used rubbing alcohol to flush a carpenter bee that had taken up residence in the walls of Beatrix. We wanted something that would be discouraging if not deadly to it but which would not diffuse toxins through the wood into the hive where the good bees dwelt. It worked. The angry carpenter bee came out and was crushed while the honeybees were not at all fussed.

a girl has evenly spaced holes in legs what procedure – 1 view

HiveStand-08-AdjustableA confused maneuver by the carpenter bee precision drill team?

Did the querent see a stranger with such perforations? Actual holes or scars remaining from a series of punctures? We tried searching for this answer ourselves but turned up nothing. A guess would be that the limb had to be lengthened?

warble dado blade – 1 view

For the power tool version of a musical saw?

Undoubtedly the querent misheard "warble" for "wobble". A wobble dado blade is a blade that can be adjusted to be at an angle other than perpendicular to the shaft which drives it. Rather than simply slicing through the wood it carves out a wide, round-bottomed, and not very neat groove. A suitable stack of perpendicular blades is superior but more expensive.

diy deer – 1 view

Wild turkey in front of hiveNever thought of making our own deer. We have just relied on the ones that wander through the yard to make more for us.

do bees eat mushrooms – 1 view

This appeared in the 2012 queries also and, yes, they eat the mycelium as we discussed in greater detail.

prospect of bees – 1 view

LiveBeesWhat a catchy phrase! Not only is our blog on the first page of Google results but it is the very first returned result. A nice search phrase on which to end this review.