FrostyFlakesInDrivewayWhile some of our distant friends are already being greeted by cheerful signs of springtime we, bee-less wretches, are still hosting glum winter with its incessant snowfalls. As a very small consolation for having the bloom of the crocus delayed we yesterday had the appearance of rather pretty frost blossoms on the driveway we plowed the day before. About an inch high they have a delicate fernlike structure that sparkles in the early morning sun. This is surface hoar and reportedly not very rare although we have seen it infrequently and never in such abundance.

FrostyDrivewayScattered down the length of the driveway they made the dirty asphalt seem like a long, slightly winding bed of small, white flowers. It was as if winter, realizing that we have grown quite unappreciative of the beauties of its white, blanketing snow and architectural bare branches, was trying its best impersonation of spring for us. Had this winter been less long and exhausting we would have been more cheered. As it is, we were only briefly distracted from our longing for daffodils.