Sad Tenth Doctor in the rainAs described in a previous post we were part of a crew led by Dr. Milbrath that removed two colonies from a soon-to-be-demolished house so they could become a pair of teaching hives at Matthaei Botanical Gardens.

We anticipated a presentation about the cut-out at the next meeting of Ann Arbor Backyard Beekeepers, when we could learn the details of the aftermath and report here, but the presentation had to be postponed. And again the next month. And the next. So, still waiting, we are months late in finally posting a follow-up but the sad news is that the triumph of the day did not last.

  • One colony soon became the target of robbing and simply left, returning to their old house.

  • The other became queenless (Injured or killed during cutout?) with laying workers. A paper combine with another smaller hive was attempted.

  • The paper combine did not work and the rescued bees killed the queen. This time the bees were all just dumped on the ground in front of the eight hives there and left to find themselves a home.

Some bees just refuse to be helped. The cut-out itself was still a wonderful experience.