ClarissaWithAnkleBitersClarissaAndNucClarissa has bees! Yesterday morning we picked up our anklebiter nuc but sadly the rain discouraged us from trying to hive them right away. Instead we sat the nuc on a bench in front of Clarissa and opened the entrance. This would allow bolder foragers to take advantage of breaks in the rain to orient on the correct general surroundings even though the home they have known would soon vanish.

With the forecast that the morning rain would very likely be followed by more rain all day and tomorrow, we took advantage of a sudden appearance of the sun to transfer the bees from nuc to hive and give them a bag of syrup to encourage comb building on the empty top bars. Each frame being lifted set off a loud buzzing but there were no attempts to sting or chase us. They seem quite mellow and the industrious girls are already bringing in pollen.

BevelContrastAlso Clarissa is using our new, experimental top bars. Hoping that the bees would be less likely to attach comb to the sides of the hive if the guiding ridge did not extend all the way from wall to wall, we used a compound miter saw to bevel each end face of the ridge at a 30° from vertical angle starting 3/8" in. The pictures show the difference between an unbeveled and beveled bar.

If they still attach as much as before then we can sigh and continue to use the simpler unbeveled top bars. Otherwise our batch process to make them will acquire another step.

Either way we are rejoicing in having bees again with more to come.