BeatrixIsAliveLast Friday the weather turned pleasantly warm passing 60 °F (16 °C) but with unpleasant wind speeds of 31 mph, gusting to 43 mph. While no trees fell, our emptying, smaller firewood rack got blown over as it often does and Saturday morning we discovered that poor Beatrix had been stripped of her winter insulation.

Running out to retrieve the foam panels before they could visit the neighbors we were greeted by the happy sight of busy bees coming and going, enjoying cleansing flights, bringing out their dead, and going about whatever vital bee business we do not ken.

When we later in the day took advantage of the lingering warm, although still windier than ideal, weather to inspect the hives we found Beatrix still amazingly full of bees although, as we had feared, running low on honey.

In Clarissa, as expected, and Dorcas, not as hoped, we found the opposite, no live bees but a fair amount of honey left.

From the late sisters we transfered five heavy honeycombs to the survivor, scooped out most of the dead bees, and corked all the entrances until we can be bothered to process the remaining partially and fully empty combs and clean the hives. We hope this inheritance will last Beatrix until she can once more find forage. We mourn Clarissa and Dorcas but our overall mood remains one of elation over Beatrix.