Weather and schedules allowed us another opportunity to sugar roll the bees last Sunday. We were particularly concerned about Beatrix, which we did not check last time. Bursting with bees, we feared that her mite count had been above treatment threshold and would surely be even worse now. But we counted a mere four mites in the sample. Suspicious of such good results, we tried again from another brood comb and the second sample yielded only three mites. So seven mites per six hundred bees.

noSugarRollMoving on to Clarissa, recalling the many stings collected last time by her spouse, the Mrs. charitably decided to be the intruder this time and almost immediately got a sting on her hand through the leather of her glove. She would have borne it elsewhere but her work requires unswollen hands. The Mr. dismissed her1 to tend to her wound while he closed up the hive and tidied tools away. So we still do not know what Clarissa’s mite load might be. Nor do we know why she was so cranky this time. Weather was pleasant. Foragers should have been out. We have had quite a bit of rain to encourage nectar in the goldenrod starting to bloom. And this queen did not produce such ill-tempered offspring when she reigned in Beatrix before we made our split. Perhaps she resents changing thrones?

Hive MpHB2 – Jun 29 MpHB – Aug 01 MpHB – Aug 21
Beatrix 1.0 ? 1.2
Clarissa 0.3 ? ?
Dorcas 0.0 2.0 ?


1Try saying that thrice rapidly.

2MpHB = Mites per Hundred Bees or Mites per Hectabee in metric