For now.

An unusual day in a warmish winter, Saturday’s temperature had risen to bee-flying values by early afternoon so we visited the hives to check for signs of life. To our joy we saw and heard a cloud of buzzing bees in front of each hive jockeying to re-enter through the single, left-open hole. A very large cloud was in front of Beatrix, who seems to remain our most populous colony. By the time we calmed enough to take the picture above with our phone most had already returned within. Bees are still evident on the face of Beatrix but you must zoom in quite a bit to see a blurry few near the entrance for Clarissa and Dorcas. We seem to have chosen the optimal time to spot them flying.

Temperatures will yet drop to freezing again and there is still time for our bees to starve before there is ought for foragers to find. But for now our hearts are gladdened.